Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cigarettes, Phone Cards, and Hip Hop Clothing

Last week Pacolli and I participated in a group show at FFDG. The show is called Cigarettes, Phone Cards, and Hip Hop Clothing. Here's a small look at the show, for more photos and prices of available artwork check out FFDG

hiro_kurata02 Hiro Kurata

alexziv02 Alex Ziv

kelsey_brookes_lg Kelsey Brookes

marco_zamora Marco Zamora

crowd01 crowd

Mildred_bringyourfriends Mildred

Pacolli_therevengeofthereal Pacolli

roberthardgrave02 Robert Hardgrave

ryantravis01 Ryan Travis Christian

scottgreenwalt01 Scott Greenwalt

tombetthauser01 Tom Betthauser

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